Three Unexpected Types of Video Service in Lexington, KY

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Business

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Utilizing a professional video company is expected in some instances. Most people would assume that a wedding would include a videographer. A commercial needs to be made with the help of a video production company. These are common services provided. Video Service in Lexington KY, however, extends far beyond the typical video creations. There are three unexpected services offered in addition to the basics.

Season Highlight Documentaries

Whether needed for a high school team or a college one, sports teams can have a highlight documentary made of their season. This provides the current players with a look at how they performed during the current season and allows future players to see what was done right, or wrong, so they know how to improve. A season highlights documentary will show clips of various games and performances throughout the year that were most crucial.

Recruiting Videos

Another video made for sports is a recruiting video. Players who are hoping to be recruited by a specific college or team can use a video to showcase their skills. It gives the recruiter a look at what the player can do. Whether they score goals, show leadership or are a team player, will all be showcased in the video.

Training Videos

Businesses also rely on video services. In one instance, they utilize video production companies to create training videos for future employees. These videos help showcase what the business is about and provide insight into what the new employees can expect while working there. The video will show how to do the job and what to do in select situations. Training videos are helpful tools for new employees who are unaware of what to expect at their new workplace.

Video Service in Lexington KY, includes much more than one would think. Wedding videos, commercials and other common event taping are not all a production company handles. Season highlight documentaries and recruiting videos for sports are also available. Training videos for businesses can be provided as well. With the help of First String Media Productions, any person in need of a video can receive the service they needed. All videos will be edited to the customer’s needs and are created with care.

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