How to Perform Basic Pool Maintenance in League City

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Using a swimming pool for recreation, therapy, or just fun in the sun requires the pool to be cleaned for a sanitary swimming environment. By performing basic pool maintenance in league city, you can prolong the useful life of your pool. You will also rid your pool of bacteria that can harm pool users. Implement the following guidelines to create a basic routine for pool maintenance.

Before you start doing Pool Maintenance in League City, write down the tasks you are able to do. It’s helpful to make the checklist of chores. After doing each one, ensure that you mark it off the list to prevent doing it more than necessary. Some chores will be done weekly, monthly, or intermittently. Choose a time of day when you are not in a hurry. Mornings or late evenings will allow you to clean your pool when the weather is cooler, and the sun is not shining directly on you.

Start your pool maintenance by skimming the pool once a week or more when needed. For this job, you will need a pool skimmer. This tool has a long, adjustable pole with a net at the end. By removing unwanted material such as debris and insects from the pool, you can protect your pool’s circulation system. Check the pH level of your pool about once a week. This will help assure that the alkalinity and acidity of your water is in balance. A pH reading of 7 is ideal. You will need to fill your pool, so the water level does not fall below the level of the skimmer baskets in the pool. This will help protect all elements of the pool.

Your pool maintenance will depend greatly on your ability to do the tasks, the time you have to dedicate to the tasks, and the needs of your pool. You can do most or all of the upkeep yourself. When this is not feasible, you may opt to hire a service provider like the ones at Contact Cryer Pools And Spas Inc. This business can handle many services for pools including maintenance, installation, repairs, and consultations.

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