Importance of digital building directory signage

by | May 30, 2018 | Property Management

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Digital signage or digital building directory signage is an electronic display that advertises contents, broadcast data, and other contents. Digital signage makes use of different technologies including LED and LCD. They are found in both private institutions and public places such as retail outlets, restaurants and corporate environment. Digital signs depend majorly on hardware components to make sure the delivery of high quality content.

Diminishing cost of displays and improved customer experience are driving the digital signage market wide-reaching. Additionally, development of government bodies as well as fast growing educational sector has also contributed to the growth of the market. However, lack of standard policy and power problems are some of the key factors hampering the progress of the market. Technological developments including near field communication are predictable to create greater opportunities. Arrival of touch screen technology would also open new avenues.

The Role of signage:  Customers can understand a product at the store and can help improve the shopping experience. The visual displays in the retail stores are also a form of signage that helps buyers in locating their choice of products with ease. The signage attracts and pulls customers into the store. The signage is important for any retailer and he cannot have enough money to lose customers.

Points that should bear in mind before getting the digital building directory signage ready:

  • Digital signage boards should not be very small because customers may fail to see small signage.
  • Digital directory board influences purchasing decisions of customers. This is because signage boards that are digital can be a major form of communication without person to person interaction.
  • Digital directory boards give distinctiveness to your business and promotes brand image.

Highlighting points to keep in mind while installing digital building directory signage boards

  • Digital Sign boards should not confuse or mislead customers
  • Digital signs should be informative, but simple
  • Installing digital directory boards should be viewable by people even from a good distance
  • The signage board should be positioned so it does not hide the interior or block an entrance
  • The material used in making the signage board should be of good quality so that it is in good condition for a longer duration. The signage board should retain the luster
  • Choose proper paint color and also ensure the information is visible clearly. Keep the background color light and the text color dark so that the visibility is clear.
  • The signage board should be easily readable and so you can also highlight the main information. Regardless of the color you chose the signage board should not look dull.
  • Design the signage board in the most innovative and unique way so that customers find this attractive and are compelled into the store
  • Write the name of the store in different font or in bold to have a real impact
  • Put essential information on the signage board and keep some in suspense, so that your customers enter and find what you offer
  • ‘Discount’ is the one word that works wonders. Place this board outside the store door and inquisitiveness of customers will bring them entering your store to know about the discount. There is no need to know about the discount, percentage and so on

Why Digital Signage Is the Best Advertising Channel?

One of the key features that businessmen should consider these days is customer engagement. Bygone days are the days where consumers just observe and choose what their eyes perceived to be good for them. Today, there should be a constituent of learning to each consumer product that you will introduce in the market. Consumers these days are scrupulous and will try all products awaiting they find the most suited for them. However, doing this will demand them to spend more especially if it’s difficult to find the best product. But if you want to take your product one step forward of others, there is one good solution that you can do; that is to use a digital signage

Digital signage these days are of many forms. The dynamicity of your advertisement depends on where you place your signage. It might be through a website, a corner in from a place where people usually pass through, through a huge billboard, through a kiosk. Not because it’s a signage, it would only glass case a poster where all products are there. Your digital signage can be an interactive one and this is taking the business into a special level. Making your signage attractive means engage the customers and making them recognized your product at a higher level.

What you can do is place your digital signage to any public place. It must be in the form of stand-alone kiosk. Give Advice to your signage vendor to input striking product demos, customer engaging communication. If your product is new to the market, comprise some games where you can give discount coupons. Your discount coupons will entice them more to buy your product. Of course, do not forget to include the basic information that a digital signage should have.

To have a balance of everything, hiring a reputable Best Digital Directory Consultants or digital directory signage experts is recommended. If you are new to the market scene, these experts can position your products at the top. Another important key to consider is to update your signage as needed. Remember that we are in the era of visual people. Our eyes are sometimes hard to please. If you will just make your digital signage stagnant, you will lose the many potential customers. A digital signage can be pricey but it is meaning the investment. There is guarantee that you will get the value of your money back.

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