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You need to move, and you don’t want to sell your property. You know that renting your property will be in your best interests. You also know that becoming a landlord can be a lot of work. But is it too much for you to handle? Here are five reasons you need a Property Manager in Soledad, CA

You Live Far Away

If you live more than 50 miles from your property you need a property manager. Most landlords recommend regular visits to your rented property to make sure that it is being cared for according to your lease agreement. That just isn’t possible if you live far away. A property manager can be your eyes and ears when you can’t get to your property.

You Are Unorganized

As a landlord, you will need to understand the laws of your city and state as well as any home owners’ association regulations. You must also be able to respond to communications from your tenants promptly and coordinate repairs with contractors. If you find yourself easily overwhelmed by scheduling and keeping track of paperwork you need a property manager.

You Can’t Fill Vacancies

Your current tenant has given notice. You’ve cleaned your property and handled repairs. You are ready for a new tenant. And the waiting game begins. If your property is sitting empty you aren’t making any money on it. Many landlords turn to social media, paid advertising, or free websites to try and fill their empty properties. A Property Manager in Soledad, CA knows the area and has connections to get quality tenants into your property as quickly as possible.

It’s Too Much Work

If you’re going to be a landlord you need to be ready to handle emergencies at all hours of the day or night. Pipes burst, power goes out, and hot water heaters fail. Your tenants need to have access to quick help when emergencies happen, regardless of what you’re doing at the moment. Apart from emergencies, your property will require maintenance and your tenants may not see eye to eye with you on how quickly those repairs need to be made. A property manager will act on your behalf to settle these issues quickly.

You Need Flexibility

You are tied to your property when you have a renter. If you plan a cruise to the Bahamas you need to have a plan in place to care for any emergencies that might crop up. You might come to realize that you need to loosen the ties you have to your property, and if that’s the case you need a property manager. For more information visit https://coastandvalleypm.com/

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