Creative Ways to Create Extra Storage in Your Student Housing Apartment

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If you’re looking for student housing in Baton Rouge, there’s going to come to a point where you’ll inevitably need more space. No one plans on being loaded down with books, knickknacks, and favorite items, but it happens to everyone. Following are some creative ways to create extra storage in your space.

Choose Furniture That Does Double Duty

One of the best ways to use as much space as possible in your home for extra storage is to have furniture in a place that does double duty. This could be a bed that lifts up to reveal a massive amount of storage underneath the mattress, or it could be an ottoman that has storage space on the inside. Make your furniture work for you.

Make Use of Vertical Space

People sometimes forget their walls when thinking of storage. Simple shelving or bookcases that reach all the way up to the ceiling can provide beautiful, accessible storage. You can display your favorite items out in the open, and you can hide away less attractive items in boxes and bins.

Reuse Items

One of the best ways to create additional storage is to reuse items and repurpose them into other storage options. An empty candle jar can be used to house your makeup cotton balls. Making choices like these allows you to reuse existing items without taking up more space.

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