Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving into Your Ames Apartment

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Even if you moved into a dorm when you started your college education, there’s almost always an opportunity at some point to move into your own apartment while you’re still in school. Before moving into a home of your own, consider talking to a few other students who have gone through this experience to see if they have any advice, along with exploring a few of these tips.

Staying Safe

Before you move into one of the student apartments in Ames, IA, find out about the security that’s offered. Many larger complexes have a security guard who might patrol the property or at least security cameras that monitor suspicious activity. Look at the locks on the doors and windows of the units that you tour as well to ensure that they provide the safety that you need.


You’re not going to want to sit on the floor or stand up all the time while in one of the student apartments in Ames, IA. Take a look at the layout of your new home before making any final decisions about the furniture that you get so that you don’t get too many items that might not fit in the spaces available. Measure the doorframes as well so that you don’t get something that’s too big to fit into the apartment and each room.


When you move into a student apartment, you might find that you only have one or two reserved spots for parking. Find out if you need a parking pass as well. Let visitors know of any regulations that are in place regarding parking before they arrive.

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