Tips for College Students Searching Off-Campus Housing at Purdue University

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Apartment Building

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College is a time of great change- change in surroundings, friends, and more. One thing that doesn’t need to be changed. Your living arrangements! As a new college student, you are probably looking for off-campus housing so you can have the freedom of your own apartment or house. Finding the perfect place can be difficult with all of the options available to you. This blog post provides some helpful information to get you started on making an informed decision about what your criteria should be when searching for student apartments around Purdue University.

Consider Your Commute to and From School

If you are looking for an apartment, the location of your new home should allow you to get to and from school as quickly as possible. Some things that will make this easier: a shorter commute time; having access to public transportation options like buses or trains; being close enough so that walking is feasible if it’s not too hot outside.

Research the Area You Want to Live in – Crime Rates, Transportation Options, Safety Concerns

When looking at student housing, make sure to check out the area. Is it safe? What is the crime rate like in that particular neighborhood? Are there other students living nearby or will you be by yourself on an isolated street?

Make a List of What Is Important for You When It Comes to off Campus Housing

It’s important to know what you want before searching for a new home. Student housing can be really expensive, so it might not hurt to put together an informal budget and make sure that the place of your choice doesn’t go over this limit.

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