A Look at the Most Important Features of Modern Off-Campus Housing

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If you are planning on getting LSU off campus housing, then you are in luck, because there are fine properties now available that will provide you with every amenity under the sun. By reviewing the many potential features these modern and recently updated properties could potentially feature, you will be able to easily spot the apartment building that is right for you.

Of all the features that are of the greatest importance, it is certainly the location that will count the most. To ensure you are living in the best LSU off campus housing, you should first look for an apartment complex that is right next to the campus. That way you will still be able to get to class on time even if you are running a bit late. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking spot again since these modern buildings now feature their very own parking garages.

Another feature that will certainly affect the quality of your lifestyle is the height of your ceilings. Nine-foot ceilings are now the norm in luxury apartments, and you will certainly find the difference to be noticeable since high ceilings let you stretch your arms a bit more whenever you want. Of course, if you ever need to get a real workout in, you can always head on over to the 24-hour gym that is full of high-end equipment. Or check out the 12,000 square foot clubhouse that certainly has an activity or two that will keep you thoroughly entertained. To learn more, visit Ion Baton Rouge

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