2 Types Of Apartment Floor Plan Layouts To Consider For Student Housing

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So, you have just received the fantastic news that you have been accepted to student housing at Florida State University. You are now thrilled and excited about starting this new phase in your academic life and are thinking about roommates and the kinds of floor plans you would want to live in when sharing an apartment. Here are 2 types of floor plans you should consider when moving into an apartment near the school.

2 Bedroom 2 ½ Bath

Perhaps you have heard the good news that your best friend was also accepted to Florida State University. Both of you are probably looking for an apartment that caters to both your needs. A 2-bedroom with 2 ½ bath layout is the perfect choice for the both of you. This particular type of floor plan gives both of you the utmost privacy. For times when visitors come to study or just hang out, no need to worry about feeling embarrassed about your bathroom, as there is an extra restroom for visitors.

4 Bedroom 4 Bath

Maybe you are looking to experience what the real world will be like once you have graduated. A 4 bedroom 4 bath layout floor plan offers you this experience without sacrificing your privacy. You and your roommates will each have your own bedroom and bathroom.

The Best Choice

You are likely now looking for these types of floor plans and are wondering which apartment offers student housing at Florida State University. Look no further than to Redpoint West Tenn. They offer a variety of floor plans and luxurious amenities to fit your needs. So, when searching and choosing an apartment complex that offers student housing at Florida State University, they are the best choice. For more information visit Redpoint West Tenn

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