How To Sell Your House: Listen To Your Real Estate Agent

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Real Estate

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If you have finally made the decision to sell, you have a lot of things to think about. Talk to the experienced real estate agents in York PA about how to best sell your home. They can offer sound advice based on what they know and understand about the current market. In fact, they have an entire list of ideas on what to do and not to do to help sell your house. Below is a list of several things that you need to consider.

Pricing: Talk to the various real estate agents in York PA involved with your home and find out what the current value of your home is. Discuss what a fair market price is and compare it with what the competition is asking.

Photos: Make sure there are lots of Photos from the best angles showing your home at its best. Include photos of specific features that you and your real estate agents in York PA think will help sell your home.

Lighting: Make sure the lights are all on and working. Shine up the windows, pull the drapes open and let in the light. Light is one feature that helps sell homes. Maximize the light in your home.

Staging: Let’s be clear. Staging is exactly what its name means. You are setting the perfect home scene. It is, however, to be impersonal. It must look amazing but be a blank slate. A visitor must be able to look at it and say: “I could live here if I did this or added this.” Talk to the local real estate agents in York PA. They can suggest a professional or make recommendations on how to stage your home.

De Clutter: Like staging, the point of de cluttering is to remove all the extraneous items and baggage that is part of any home people actually live in. Strip it down. Put any excess in storage. There are bins you can rent that safely protect and get your stuff out of the house and ready for moving.

Hide the Pets: You and your family may dote on the family cat, dog or iguana; potential buyers not so much. For this reason, many real estate agents in York PA suggest you leave with your dog for the day; hide the kitty litter and take the cat out.

Kitchen Upgrades: The kitchen remains the number one room in the home. It is a multi-purpose room these days. If yours is outdated, chances are you should update it before selling. The return, unless you really go overboard, should make the process worth it.

Never Over-Upgrade: Listen to the experienced real estate agents in York PA when they say “Do Not Over-Upgrade.” It is not only about not recouping the money. It is also about taking longer to sell the house at a good price.

Real Estate Agents in York PA and Your Home

The final piece of advice any real estate agents in York PA or elsewhere would give is simple. Listen to his or her advice. They are in the business of knowing your local market. They can help you do what it takes to sell your house in a timely fashion for a good price. Look around until you find an agent that can work with you, one that has experience and understands what your goals are. When you are sure that this is the one of all the real estate agents in York PA, go ahead and proceed with your sale, listening carefully along the way to what is being suggested.

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