Why Should People Seek Dentistry Services When They are in Pain?

There are many reasons people begin experiencing tooth pain. Though some tooth pain from time to time is of no real concern, ongoing or severe pain can signal a problem. Since tooth pain can be caused by serious issues, it is crucial a person seeks Dentistry care as soon as possible. Dentists can work to find the cause of the pain so the right treatment can be put into place and relief can be found. Common causes of tooth pain include:

1. Cavities are the primary reason people experience tooth pain. Regrettably, most people do not experience pain until a cavity has become severe and entered the inner crown and root where the soft tissues and nerves lie. Once the nerve becomes inflamed or exposed because of the cavity, severe pain is often felt. This unrelenting pain can only be treated by removing the decayed areas and filling the tooth. When decay is severe and is affecting the root structure, a root canal may be needed to avoid tooth death.

2. Another cause of tooth pain is an infection. When infections occur inside a tooth, it is called an abscess. Abscessed teeth generally fill with infection and pus. As the pressure grows inside the tooth, it causes severe pain, swelling, pus drainage and foul odors. Abscessed teeth must be drained and then treated with strong antibiotics. This is crucial for bringing the infection under control. In some cases of severe infection, the dentist may need to perform a root canal procedure.

3. Tooth pain caused by injury is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, some people can injure a tooth and be unaware. When a tooth is cracked, the nerve can be exposed causing pain. Tooth injuries have the potential to be repaired as long as the damage does not run through the root. If the root is damaged, the tooth will need to be removed through extraction.

No matter the cause for tooth pain, people need to seek Dentistry services as soon as possible. When the dentist examines the tooth, talks with the patient about symptoms and takes X-rays, the cause can be found and properly treated. For more information, contact Smile Solutions PC.

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