How Does a Dentist Help With Problematic Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ?

by | May 5, 2015 | Dentistry

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The Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to cut through the gums. They normally do not cut through until around the age of seventeen or later. Because they are left down in the bone so long, they can often be problematic. These teeth often become trapped in the bone and cannot erupt. They also can grow in sideways and press on other teeth. Aside from these issues, people can also experience problems with their wisdom teeth simply because there is not enough room in their mouth.

When a person is dealing with problematic Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ, they often need to see their dentist. In some cases, the dentist may need to perform a procedure that removes the obstruction preventing the teeth from erupting. While this can help some patients, some end up needing an extraction procedure carried out for all of their wisdom teeth.

To extract Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ, the dentist will need to place the patient under anesthesia. In many cases, dentists will use general anesthesia when all four wisdom teeth are being removed. This ensures the patient stays comfortable and is not moving around during the procedure, so it is safe.

The procedure for removing wisdom teeth is considered minor oral surgery. In most cases, the dentist makes an incision through the gum tissue, so the tooth or bone are exposed. Impacted teeth need to have the section of bone covering them removed. Wisdom teeth can sometimes be difficult to remove from the socket due to the way they are facing or the length of their roots.

Some teeth may need to be removed in pieces. This is especially true when the tooth is damaged or too large to be removed in one piece. The dentist will use the safest method possible for removing the tooth and suturing the gums closed.

People who are having problems with their wisdom teeth can find out about their treatment options by contacting Westfield Oral Surgery. Call them today and schedule a consultation appointment to learn more. They will be happy to take care of your wisdom teeth issues so you can be free of pain.

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