Tips for Selecting a Tax Preparer in Brooklyn

You have to pay taxes. This is a fact of life you cannot avoid. When the time comes to complete your taxes, however, you don’t have to do them alone. Hire the services of a Tax Preparer in Brooklyn and let him or her handle the job. You’ll be less stressed when you do so. Following are some tips to help make this selection easier.

First and foremost, check the individuals qualifications. Paid tax preparers are required by law to obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). You need to ensure they have this information, and you should also see if they take part in continuing education classes or are associated with any professional organizations. The IRS continues to improve on regulating these professionals and is phasing in a new test requirement for certain individuals wishing to work in the field. If the Tax Preparer in Brooklyn isn’t a CPA, attorney or enrolled agent, they must pass a competency test to become a Registered Tax Return Preparer.

Determine if your tax returns will be filed electronically. If the preparer preps and files in excess of ten returns for consumers, they are required to file these returns electronically. The only exception to this is when the client wishes to file a paper return. Some individuals are concerned about having their personal information transmitted electronically. The IRS has now processed more than one billion returns securely, therefore this does not need to be of concern.

Under no circumstances sign a blank tax return. If a tax preparer asks you to sign a blank return, refuse to make use of their services. Review your return before you sign it and make sure the preparer signs the turn and includes their PTIN. Although you remain responsible for the information contained on the return, he or she is required by law to share this information.

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