The Dual Benefits of a Skilled Refrigeration Service in Blaine MN

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Business

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In the commercial food industry, almost every retailer deals with some sort of refrigerated product. These foods must be kept cold or frozen in order to stay fresh and meet health and safety standards. For this to happen, refrigeration units must work consistently to hold a Federally mandated temperature. When a unit malfunctions, a Refrigeration Service in Blaine MN must be called to address the problem.

Cold storage can make or break a food retailer. When unit malfunctions, the food must be moved into another refrigeration unit to keep from spoiling. This often means that everything has to be moved off of the sales floor to a large storage unit in the back. Not having these food items readily available puts a dent in sales and can drive customers to shop at a competitor. This is why it is important to have a trusted refrigeration repair service readily available. Being able to call an experienced contractor at a moments notice is crucial. Their quick response time and ability to easily repair damaged parts or install brand new units keep business operations running smoothly and the clientele happy. Many of these contractors also offer 24 hour emergency service, which is extremely beneficial to food service retailers who operate around the clock.

Any business that utilizes refrigeration services will also be in need of heating and air conditioning maintenance periodically. One way to save time and money between these two services is to allow a company like Twin City Mechanical to handle both rather than splitting them up. Not all refrigeration companies work in both fields, but a place like TCM can easily manage the dual services. This option is perfect for the business owner who is pleased with the refrigeration skills of a company and is in need of an equally reliable HVAC contractor. It’s also convenient because any possible problem of receiving superior refrigeration service from one contractor and sub-par HVAC maintenance from another is eliminated.

Finding a reputable company to handle both of these services is extremely beneficial. By working closely with a client to make efficient repairs, these contractors can install quality new or used parts that fit within an acceptable budget. Hiring an established Refrigeration Service in Blaine MN that also offers HVAC maintenance plans is one of the best ways to keep a retail facility running like clockwork.

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