The Benefits of Choosing Off-Campus Housing Near DePaul University

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When choosing between a dorm and off-campus housing, it never hurts to choose the DePaul University off campus housing. The following list features several benefits of choosing off-campus housing near your university.

You Can Make It Your Own

Living in off-campus housing gives you a taste of freedom because you can truly make it your own. There is not much space to decorate or create zones in a dorm room, but your off-campus housing may include a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. You do need to stay within the rules and regulations of your apartment, but you still have the opportunity to make it feel like your home away from home.

You Have More Space To Live

There is more to living in DePaul University off campus housing than having more space to decorate. You also have more space to create your own routine. Start your morning with a cup of coffee on your balcony before heading to class and grab a quick shower after you get home from class. It is easier to stick to your routine when you are not sharing one space with another person.

You Have Access To More Amenities

When you live in off-campus housing, you have access to more amenities than you would in a dorm. Your apartment includes furniture, appliances, satellite TV and internet connection. The community itself features a study area, resort-style pool and garage parking. You are also close to several restaurants and local spots.

DePaul University off campus housing is a great place to live if you are a college student. You can learn more about the floor plans and amenities by visiting Ion Lincoln Park.

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