The Advantages You Can Experience From Living off Base in Virginia

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Real Estate

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Although you may love most aspects of military life, there may be times you miss what it was like in your hometown. You can have more freedom with how you use your home and your yard. Plus, you can have visitors without needing an ID card. If you are trying to decide if you would prefer to live, here are the advantages you would see with living off the base.

Space From Military Life

The military community is well-known for being supportive and tight-knit. Because you are surrounded by those going that experience the same highs and lows each day, you can feel a stronger bond. Yet, there may be times you want to some distance from military issues. You still love what your career entails, but want more time to experience activities outside of the base. With off base housing in Norfolk, you can create relationships and have discussions with people that are not in the military.

Increased Privacy

The familiarity that comes from living on the base can feel very secure and comfortable. But, this also means that more information about your life can be observed or shared that what you would like. Working and living around the same people can start to feel stifling and cause you to crave more privacy in your life. Off base housing in Norfolk means you can secrets and personal details that your neighbors know nothing about.

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