Student Living: What You Want from Your Off-Campus Housing Choice

You’re looking for off-campus student housing in Baton Rouge that’s close to LSU, but you want to make the right decision. That’s a good thing, and the following are some things you want from off-campus housing.

Roommate Power

One thing you must find is a place that helps you find roommates. To do this, you’ll need off-campus student housing in Baton Rouge that offers amenities students want, like security and great apartments. Keep in mind that the right place may also find roommates for you.


The next thing you want from your housing option is proximity. You want to make sure you’re only a few minutes from the college. This is vital just in case you don’t want to use your car to get there. You may want to walk one day or bike. You should have a choice, and proximity gives you that choice.


You also want a place that offers student-friendly features, such as a clubroom where you can play with your fellow students or maybe rideshare discounts for any trip you take from and to your apartment. Maybe you’ll find a place with a 24-fitness center that’s safe and always available. The life of a student can be a little sedentary, making fitness more important.

Lark Baton Rouge has been providing the kind of apartments that students can fall in love with, and if you’re ready to find yours, go ahead and visit to find out more or book a tour.

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