Student Housing Facilities Provided at the East University of Carolina

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Student housing is one of the fastest-growing segments in the US economy. Cities and universities provide many opportunities for people to have access to student housing since they are typically located near high schools, universities and job hubs. This article will explore some of the facilities provided at student housing in ECU.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are a necessity in the student housing industry because of the number of people living there. If a student has to do laundry on campus, they have to either use a laundry service or wait for open machines and carry around detergent and other supplies. The use of dorm laundry facilities is costly, and it also takes time to wash clothes.

Kitchen Facilities

Kitchens are another necessity that students require. Because students live on campus for four years, it is challenging for them to find a place where they can cook for themselves. This can be costly because students have to pay rent and utilities but have no way to make their meals. So, many student housing companies provide kitchens at their properties for students. The kitchens offer students the ability to cook for themselves and save money.


Utilities are very important to students because they have to pay rent and utilities independently. Many student housing companies provide utilities in their dorms. Some companies offer cable television, internet, laundry and kitchen facilities in the same building. This is beneficial because students do not have to pay for these things separately.

Prime Housing

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