Renting Furniture: Not Just For Your College Dorm Room

So you moved from your chic urban loft in Austin, TX to a hill country cabin, and your high-end contemporary maple furniture that worked so well in your loft simply looks out of place surrounded by log walls and mounted deer heads. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg outfitting your cabin in rustic décor. You can rent furniture instead.

The concept of renting furniture in Austin, TX doesn’t occur to most people, but it is a viable solution for many circumstances. Generally, people rent furniture during a state of transition, oftentimes relocation. Renting furniture allows the individual to live in a transitional space but maintain a sense of comfort and lifestyle that he or she is accustomed to (for example, visualize a nice oak dining set in your living room instead of a card table and some folding chairs). In some cases, renting furniture simply is a money saver in comparison to purchasing. Rent furniture can also be much more cost-effective for individuals who do not plan to stay in one place long and do not wish to invest a large sum of money into furnishing their residence.

Furniture stores far outnumber furniture rental establishments in Austin, TX. However, there is certainly a strong demand for rental furniture. Aside from cost and convenience surrounding relocation, there are many other reasons for renting furniture instead of buying. Furniture, just like fashion, experiences trends and many people love keeping up on trends in home decorating and designing their dwellings accordingly. Other people may just like to experiment with new designs. Some individuals may get bored quickly with a particular style of furniture or design and desire a change on a relatively consistent basis. Instead of purchasing new pieces and figuring out how to dispose of the old pieces, it is often more convenient to merely rent furniture, replace, and repeat.

 Other people may rent furniture in order to adjust according to the seasons or for special events. For example, an individual planning a wedding may need a large number of chairs and tables for one day but most certainly does not have any other use for such a large number of furniture pieces. In other cases, an appliance or a piece of electronics or a certain specific piece of furniture may be necessary for one-time use. For example, a big-screen television may be rented for a yearly Super Bowl party and then returned afterwards because the individual has no interest in having a large television in his Austin home during the rest of the year. Along the same lines, someone hosting a Thanksgiving dinner may wish to rent a table and chairs large enough to accommodate all the guests, then return back to normal size after the holidays are over.

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