NAS Oceana Housing Is Available for Naval Air Station Recruits

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Real Estate

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Being in the military is a bit more complicated and difficult than us civilians realize. While some stay on their naval or army bases, there are many more who have to find housing either on or off base. That can create the same stresses that you or I have to deal with.

For Naval Air Station recruits, NAS Oceana housing is available to help. There are many different housing possibilities available, including temporary and government housing. The housing options are unique to each individual situation.

Housing for Any Situation

NAS Oceana housing is available for single service members, families, pet owners, unaccompanied personnel, and families enrolled in the exceptional family member program. Whatever your needs may be, they can be met by Oceana housing.

There are specifications that need to be followed for family housing. Specific areas may be requested based on specific needs, eligibility requirements, and any additional requirements. There is a waiting list if housing is not available.

All That Oceana Has to Offer

There are a number of additional benefits aside from housing for NAS Oceana personnel. There are a variety of resources for both elementary and higher education. There is medical support, and even child and youth services are available.

Whatever individuals and families need to live their lives in a healthy and happy manner can be had through support services. It creates a better overall NAS experience than has ever been had before. To know more please contact Boardwalk Realty and Development.

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