Maintaining Friendships While at Student Apartments in Tallahassee

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While living on campus, you may have no choice about who you have to share a room with. But, with the choice to move into student apartments, you also have the option of letting them match you with roommates, or bringing your friends along. Unfortunately, living with friends can often result in a disruption of the relationship. Yet, this does not have to happen. By following these tips, you can have a great time and still maintain friendships while living within student apartments.

Fairly Split the Costs

A great part about living in Tallahassee student apartments is that there is a separate rental contract and furnishing for each person that resides there. From there, you only have to pay for your food, clothes, and entertainment. If you and your friends like to order together, consider setting up a system of reimbursement to keep things fair. You could alternate turns or use an app that splits the bill.

Set Up a Cleaning Routine

With four people living in Tallahassee student apartments, a lot of messes can happen. Some of your friends may come from homes that clean weekly, while others have parents that did all the cleaning for them. This can cause a lot of confusion and anger as each person has different perspectives on how the home should look. To keep this from becoming a big issue, create a cleaning routine that everyone agrees to follow. Even better, write the routine on a chart or calendar, so each roommate is clear on their duties.

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