Licensed to Sell: Earning Your Real Estate License in Utah

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Real Estate

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Homeowners can attest to the hard work required to sell a home. Real estate professionals are well acquainted with the details involved both in selling a home and in earning credentials needed to become a Real Estate Broker or Sales Agent. For those considering a career in this field, learning the basic requirements to be a licensed professional is essential when getting started. Utah real estate licensing follows its own set of guidelines that must be met before licensure is granted; each state has established independent guidelines, so those credentialed in another state still need to ensure that they meet all requirements when relocating.

Utah real estate licensing follows guidelines established by the Utah Division of Real Estate. Courses need to be completed through a program that is certified as a Real Estate Pre-license School no longer than one year before applying for a license. Students must then take and pass an exam and apply for licensing within 90 days of receiving a passing exam grade.

When it comes to selecting a Utah real estate licensing program, prospective students have more than one option. Certified programs are offered in both live and online formats. For career changers and adult learners, online classes offer a high level of flexibility to meet demanding schedule needs. Advancements in technology allow students to communicate with instructors and revisit material according to their needs, proving this style of learning to be more practical for many individuals working towards licensure.

Students interested in taking courses should consider what factors are most important in their learning and what barriers might conflict with a program’s schedule. These factors may include work schedule, family commitments, geographical location and finances. Many of these circumstances make it difficult for students to travel to campus or take time out of their schedules at regular intervals. Online Utah real estate licensing programs offer participants the freedom to start and stop classes as needed, review past material, access courses from mobile devices and work at their own pace.

Whether it is your first career or a new direction, becoming a real estate professional offers exciting opportunities for growth and advancement. The first step for all students is to select a certified pre-license school that offers the coursework required in order to take a licensing exam. The Institute of Real Estate Education in Uath can help you reach your educational and career goals. Determine what characteristics of a program are most important before doing your research, then select the one that best meets your needs.

If you are considering courses for Utah real estate licensing, look into institutions with online offerings. These programs offer the most flexibility to prospective students as they work to achieve their credentials. Utah real estate licensing is an attainable goal for students of all backgrounds, so don’t hesitate to get online and get started.

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