How Property Management Companies in Sacramento Help Investors

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Property Management

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One of the hardest responsibilities of owning rental property anywhere, not just in Sacramento, is the task of managing the tenants. Even the simple tasks like collecting rent or keeping up with landscaping contractors can be very taxing to property owners if they also work a full-time job. Emergencies can interrupt any workday, causing more headaches. That is why a lot of property owners turn to property management companies in Sacramento.

So what can property management companies provide? First of all, property management companies can provide the most essential service. That service is finding a tenant to occupy the rental property for an extended period of time. For new customers, there may be an initial search and marketing fee that some companies then add on as a one-time fee to the first month’s rental payment.  This would of course go towards the advertising costs associated with finding a new tenant for the rental property.

This type of agreement is beneficial to both parties. For one, the rental property owner is ensured that the property management company will put everything possible into the search for a new tenant.  As soon as a tenant is found, the advertising and marketing costs can be recouped with the first month’s rent.

Tenant Communication

Another job that property management companies in Sacramento do is act as the direct line of communication with the tenant.  If the tenant needs something, the property management company will take care of it.  If something breaks, the property management company will fix it.  Any costs incurred outside of the rental agreement will then either be billed to the property owner or subtracted from the next month’s rental payment.

A third and very important task of the property management company is the collection of rent and assessment of any late fees. The property management company is responsible for tracking down all payments. There is no guarantee that property owners will get paid every month because if the tenant defaults the property management company cannot guarantee payment to the property owner.  For the most part, this is a rare occurrence because so much effort is put into the screening process to begin with.

Research Property Management Companies

Now there are a lot of property management companies in Sacramento.  There must be a good bit of time and effort put into researching which property management company to go with.  This is an extremely important decision because, in most cases, this will end up being a long term commitment.  Word of mouth referrals are always best, whether through other local contacts or through online business review sites.  A property owner should never enter into any kind of agreement with a property management company without at least getting a recommendation.

Real Property Management Select is one of the leading full-service property management companies in Sacramento. The company handles all types of rental properties and all phases of rental property management.  Properties managed include single-family homes, condos, duplexes, townhouses, apartments, and multi-family buildings with up to 50 units per building.

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