Domestic Violence Lawyer in Longview Looks at Common Reasons for Case Dismissal

by | May 8, 2015 | Law

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There are options. The hardest step to make is to make that phone call to the Domestic Violence Lawyer in Longview and allow the law team to handle the financial and legal stress of a frightening and emotional situation. It is not an easy step to take. It may not even be continuous abuse, but a heated argument turns into a passionate physical situation, and the situation has accelerated beyond control. The Domestic Violence Lawyer in Longview has seen every possible scenario, and there is one thing everyone should be assured of. The client is not alone. The team will help bring the case to light, and that means avoiding a lot of pitfalls that can potentially come up.

Domestic abuse has a tendency to be dismissed in the court of law, largely because of a lack of evidence and a discredit of personal reports. There are some ways to solidify the case. Knowing the leading potential causes of case dismissal can help in knowing when one is concrete.

Drinking and Credibility

If one individual is known to be an alcohol drinker, that can help set up the case. Receipts of alcohol purchased can be very useful in coming forward in this distressing situation. The situation also works in reverse. For example, a heated argument got physical. This has spurned a potential domestic abuse case. If either party can prove that alcohol was involved, the case could be dismissed entirely.

Misdemeanors Trials and Appointed Lawyers

One of the leading causes of case dismissal is, oddly enough, the appointed misdemeanour lawyer. These lawyers get paid very poorly. They get a decent payout for a plea, but the amount of trial is not proportionally higher. Many appointed lawyers intentionally (and unintentionally) steer the case towards a dismissal.

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