3 Rules that the Fastest Bail Bond Services Require You Follow While Out on Bond

by | May 18, 2015 | Law

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Being out on bond can be hard, but sitting in the jail is definitely worst. It’s hard now because there are lawyers, judges, police officers, family and now a bail bondsman that you have to answer to. All of this can seem overwhelming, but remember its better than sitting in jail. So to help alleviate some of the pressure and anxiety here are three rules that the Fastest bail bond Services require you to follow while out on bond:

Avoid reckless behavior

Although it may seem hard because reckless behavior is such a subjective term. To some hyper conservatives jaywalking is considered reckless, so for the sake of basic understanding, reckless behavior first includes whatever you did to land you in jail in the first place. Whatever activity landed you in jail is off limits, anything that is illegal is off limits, most of all anything that paints you as anything but a model citizen is off limits. The Fastest bail bond Services in Mount Vernon, WA and your family/friends are the reason you are free while awaiting trial so staying out of trouble helps to ensure that you aren’t held in jail instead.

Always have a means to be contacted

This is a very important rule because the agency that is posting your bond will want to be able to contact you at any time. If you decide to disappear while, on bond, the agency will be financially responsible for your bond.

ALWAYS appear to court and all required sessions as determined by the court

This rule is very self-explanatory, but you must always appear at all court dates as mandated by the court. Your freedom depends on your ability to appear in court and be accessible to the court when needed. Bail bondsmen also have you check in while you await court dates.

The hardest part of being out on bond is that although you are free, you are not free. This is overwhelming and in some cases cause major anxiety, but they key is to remember that it’s easier to await trial in the comfort of your own bed than in a jail house. Contact Lucky Bail Bonds for more information.

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