A Few Things to Check on Before Signing a Lease on Student Housing

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Student housing in Columbia, SC, allows you to enjoy a comfortable life and provides convenience since it is located near campus and has a shuttle bus. Before signing a lease, here are a couple of things you should know.

There are two main types of contracts that landlords offer students. There is an individual contract that is between the student and the landlord. There is also a joint tenancy agreement. This means that everyone in the apartment signs a lease with the landlord. With student housing in Columbia, SC, it is usually best to find an option that allows you to sign a per-person contract. This will protect you in case your roommates do not fulfill their part of the contract.

There are several small details you will want to look for before signing the lease. Make sure you understand the start date of your tenancy and when it will end. Get familiar with all the obligations you must fulfill. You want to be sure that you agree to these things before you move in. Find out how much you will pay in rent and what the rent includes. For example, your rent may include high-speed Internet and unlimited electricity.

Make sure you understand who is responsible for taking care of repairs. Find out what general wear and tear of a property includes. Ask if it is possible to paint or decorate the apartment.

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