Why You Should Consider 257 Thayer for Student Housing in Providence, RI

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Are you a student at Brown University and are looking for the best place to stay? Well, if so, then 257 Thayer is here to help you. We provide students with quality and eco-friendly student accommodation. Here are the top reasons why we are the best bet when it comes to student housing in Providence, RI.

Suitable Location

At 257 Thayer, we understand how dreadful it can be to commute over long distances. For this reason, our student housing is located a few meters from the campus for convenience purposes. You can easily get to classes without wasting much time. Plus, the apartments are situated close to essential amenities such as the Nelson Fitness Center.

Quiet Place

The other reason why 257 Thayer is worth considering is its quietly situated position. There is no noise or any other type of distraction that will affect your concentration during private studies or homework. A quiet environment also enables you to get a peaceful night’s sleep and relax comfortably after a busy day at school.


If you are looking for student housing in Providence, RI, where you can stay without your assets getting robbed, then 257 Thayer will be the place to be. We have 24/7 surveillance cameras that will prevent intruders from evading your room. Also, we have proper locks and fire extinguishers to add to the security effect.

Lastly, our apartments are luxurious and affordable to students. Plus, we value general cleanliness at all costs. To view our apartments, you can contact us or visit 257 Thayer at https://257thayer.com/.

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