Why More Returning Students Are Choosing Off Campus Housing in Tallahassee

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During your first year in college, it makes sense to stay in campus housing as a way of helping you get acclimated to college life. You’ll be closer to your classes and the services that the university offers. However, there are reasons to consider FSU off-campus apartments after that first semester. You might even find that many of your classmates are already considering this option and the benefits that it provides.

Enjoy More Privacy

When you choose off-campus housing, you won’t have to share a confined space with a roommate. Even if you do choose to live with a roommate in an off-campus unit, you’ll each have your own bedroom. You’ll also be able to use a private bathroom and shower whenever you need to freshen up.

Spread Out in a Bigger Space

Even a one-bedroom apartment will provide you with more living space, allowing you to spread out and relax. You can decorate your living space however you choose, and you’ll have more space to arrange your furnishings. This allows you to express yourself in ways that might not be possible in a dorm.

Get Away from the Campus

Throughout your first semester, there’s a novelty to living on campus and that can be fun. However, that newness will wear off sooner or later. When that time comes, you’ll want to start looking for FSU off-campus apartments. Living off-campus will give you a break from the distractions and stress that comes with living on campus around the clock.

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