Where’s the Best Place to Look for Luxury Apartments Near LSU?

Were you looking for a great deal on luxury apartments near LSU, or have you found one already? Next time the Tigers are playing, you may want to reconsider where you’re living. This complex has it all, and that’s not an overstatement either.

Luxury Apartments Near LSU

Sign up for a few hours at the onsite library, and you’ll see how easy studying can be in peace and quiet. Then, you can take a break, hit the gym, and lounge in the pool without leaving the complex.

Close Enough to Tiger Stadium for a Walk

LSU’s games are broadcast nationwide, but you get to see them up close. If you live at this apartment complex, walking to the stadium will only take a few minutes.

An All-Inclusive Experience Including a Yoga Garden

Thanks to the all-inclusive amenities, unwinding after the game shouldn’t be hard. Plus, you can let all the week’s stress melt away by practicing some yoga in a zen garden.

Contemporary Furniture Along With Granite Counters

Bringing furniture from home won’t be on your to-do list if you move to this complex since it comes furnished. If you’d like to live in the lap of luxury, ask about one of the available penthouse units before leaving.

Wi-Fi and HDTVs Included

Regardless of which room is yours, you’ll never spend extra on wi-fi or TV. They’re both included with rent, so you don’t need to do any math.

Ion Baton Rouge manages a luxury student housing complex near LSU. Visit them at their website at https://ion-batonrouge.com/ to learn more.

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