What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

A hydraulic cylinder is an important hydraulic component. It serves as a hydraulic consumer that converts the energy of the hydraulic fluid into useful work. Hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty vehicles, earth-movers, snow removal equipment and construction. The primary function of a hydraulic cylinder is to control the movements of machine’s attachments and linkages, such as the earth scoopers or snowplows. A typical Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora is made up of a piston, piston rod, a head, a cylinder cap and barrel. Most hydraulic cylinders are made from strong and durable metal, such as stainless steel, nickel, and chromium. The following are some of the major types of hydraulic cylinders available at Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

Tandem Cylinders

Tandem hydraulic cylinders are two interconnected cylinders. The piston rod of the first hydraulic cylinders enters via the base of another cylinder. This type of connection allows the cylinder to produce a greater force. Tandem hydraulic cylinders are mostly used in heavy equipment, such as excavators due to their ability to produce great power.

Telescope Cylinders

Telescope cylinders are also known as multi-stage cylinders. They are made up of a numbers of cylinders stacked on top of each other. In a telescoping cylinder, the barrel acts as piston rod. These cylinders can have three, four or even five stages. Multi-stage hydraulic cylinders are mostly used where the cylindrical installation length is less than the needed stroke. They are mostly single acting cylinders, although there are also others that are double acting cylinders.

Plunger Hydraulic Cylinders

Plunger cylinders are single acting cylinders that do not have a piston. The functions of the piston are assumed by the piston rod. Thus, the operating surface area of the cylinder is the cross-section of the piston rod. Since plunger cylinders do not have a piston, they are equipped with an additional axial support.

There are other types of hydraulic cylinders, such as double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting piston hydraulic cylinders with double rod ends. To get a quality Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora, you must choose a certified and licensed cylinders supplier. For more information about quality hydraulic cylinders, and how you can contact an authorized supplier, visit Sitename.

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