What to Look for When Examining a West Lafayette Apartment For Students

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When visiting apartments near Purdue University in West Lafayette, don’t be in a rush to sign on the dotted line. Take the time to inspect the unit carefully before you move in. Once you sign the lease, it can be difficult to get some landlords to help you repair issues that need to be fixed. That is why it is important to see to it that these issues are addressed in advance.

It is not enough to walk around the place and just look at it. You need to identify specific things that are usually damaged in an apartment and make sure that they are working properly in your unit. For example, bring a small lamp or another electronic device with you in order to test out every single outlet in your new residence. Look around the outlets for signs of burning. This is a clear indication that there is some electrical issue in the unit.

As you do that initial inspection of apartments near Purdue University in West Lafayette, check the windows and doors. When a house or an apartment has issues with its foundation, things will settle and doors and windows will not open or close properly. This might not be a deal-breaker. It’s good to know this in advance and let the landlord know that these problems exist so that they are not blamed on you and used against your initial deposit.

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