What to look for in a property management company in Greensboro

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

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Investment property is unlike any other form of investment; it takes care to flourish and return dividends.  It takes considerable skill to manage investment property so that it returns the highest possible yield.  When you look for a property management company in Greensboro, this attitude must be ingrained in them, and the company and employees must be honest and trustworthy.  As the owner, you are giving the keys of valuable properties to a stranger.  You have to feel comfortable and know intuitively that your properties are in excellent hands and that they are being well-managed in your absence.As the owner of investment property, you want to remove the burden of daily management and place it squarely in the hands of people who know the business inside and out.

Property management has many facets, but the objective is always the same:  maximize on the return of the owner’s investment.  To accomplish this, the property must be leased to responsible tenants who pay the rent and care for the property, and the operating expenses must be kept to a minimum.  This is the mandate of a property management company in Greensboro.

Where does it start?

Property management begins with marketing.  The objective is to place attention-getting advertisements where the target market will see them.  Depending on the property and the market, these can be online listings, bulletin boards, newspaper, or other means of advertisement.  As potential tenants make application for the property, the manager must ensure their credibility by running a thorough background check.  This check, without prejudice, will cover employment, reference checks, credit checks, and criminal background checks.  A tenant who is gainfully employed and has a good credit history with no criminal past will make for a problem free relationship between them and the landlord.

What happens when the unit is rented?

The responsible property manager makes frequent visits to the property.  During these visits, they look for any small issues that may fester into major problems; these are addressed quickly.  The visits also give the manager an opportunity to have a casual conversation with the tenant to see if they have any issues that need to be addressed.

There are tasks that must be routinely performed, gardening and waste collection being just two of them.  The property manager is responsible for selecting these vendors, as well as engaging the services of tradesmen that include plumbers and electricians.  The manager is liable to ensure the trades are performed appropriately.

The professional property management company will have a keen understanding of the laws that are applicable to leased property; they will have an understanding of financial issues and be a great communicator.  At the end of the month, the owner can look forward to a complete management report and quick disbursement of the rent.

The best property management company in Greensboro is Real Property Management – Triad.  They have many years of experience in the local market and can be of great assistance in seeing that your properties are well looked after, while providing a good return on your investment.

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