What to Ask the Real Estate Company in Leesburg, VA

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Real Estate

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When you’re about to look for a new home and sell your current home, you will likely contact a Realtor. Before hiring any Realtor, it’s important to ask a few questions. All of the Realtors in one building can be efficient, but one of them may fit your needs better than the others.

How Will the Realtor Price Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home before you move, you may want to consider asking the Realtor how they will price your home. This is crucial because if your home is sold too low, you’re going to be cheating yourself and not getting as much as you deserve for it. If you asking price is too high, you will be stuck with no extra money for a new home because buyers aren’t as interested in homes with high prices. Ask the Realtor for specific details on how they are going to price your home, how they are going to add it to the market, and how they will advertise.

Ask if the Realtor has a Website

However, there are still a few out there that haven’t caught up with the times yet. Be straight forward and ask if the company has a website. Having a website is going to increase the exposure of your home to potential buyers. Also, if the Realtor does have a website, and you’re looking to purchase a home with their help as well, you can browse through the homes on their website.

How the Communication will Work

When contacting a Realtor, such as the Real Estate Company Leesburg VA, it’s beneficial to ask how the communication is going to work between the two of you. Realtors get busy, as they have different clients’ needs to fulfill. Are you going to call them or will they call you? Do they have an email to use when you can’t get through on the phone? This is an important question to ask.

Asking these questions when contacting the Real Estate Company Leesburg VA, will provide you with a better outcome. It’s best to know what you’re in for before it’s too late. You want someone who has enough time for you and your family with this journey.

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