What Fees Are Involved When Selling a House To Sell Fast for Cash Buyers?

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Real Estate

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Homeowners with a home sale or two under their belts are familiar with the fees involved in traditional real estate transactions. These fees add up to quite a chunk of change that homeowners could have used in their pockets. Sell house quickly in Sacramento buyers have an advantage over traditional real estate agents: they don’t have as many fees. Look for these things.


Real estate agents take photos of houses, put them on the internet, hold open houses, make up fliers, and email potential buyers of a likely house. To get paid for their time doing these and other things, they get a commission at the closing of between 3 and 6 percent of the selling price. This can run into the thousands.

Buy houses for cash buyers are buying the house themselves. They get their commission when they resell the house. They’ve spent time and money on repairing and upgrading the house, so this is how they get their money back.

Other Costs

Of course, property owners will be expected to bring their taxes up-to-date. Transfer taxes and homeowner association fees will be brought up-to-date as well.

Closing Costs

An escrow account holding funds is usually disbursed at closing. The buyer and seller split the closing costs. However, the buyer in a fast cash sale has cash, so there’s no need for many of the fees involved in closing a house sale the traditional way. Sell a house quickly in Sacramento buyers have been known to pay the closing costs themselves.


While an appraisal and/or an inspection isn’t really necessary in a fast cash sale, they would give the buyer a better impression of the property. Sellers stand to get a better price when the buyer sees the quality of the house. Paying for a title search would also make a good impression on the buyer.

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