Understanding New Lending Laws That Affect Condominiums For Sale In Burlington

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Real Estate

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Recent changes in the housing market for condominiums have resulted in the need to increase the necessary reserve deposits. These reserves are used to assist property buyers who are facing financial challenges and to prevent the likelihood of foreclosure. If you would like to learn more about Condominiums For Sale in Burlington and these restrictions, you should contact Signature Properties of Vermont.

New Changes

With the Affordable Housing Act, lenders have seen more restrictions related to how they can provide funding to potential buyers. For instance, condo management companies are required to put at least ten percent into a reserve fund for the buyer. This reserve is used for costs associated with the property. Unfortunately, with the high volume of foreclosure through the national recession, these management companies have faced difficulties in doing their part. For this reason, it is likely that property buyers could face adversity if they do not possess higher credit ratings.

This doesn’t imply that buyers shouldn’t buy a condo. They are great investments for anyone who is deemed eligibility for financing through new lending practices. These buyers should, however, prepare themselves for the obligations that are associated with home ownership before venturing down this road.

Preparing to Buy

The first step you should take when making the decision to buy a home is to review your finances. A lender will review your income-to-debt ratio before offering a loan. The lender reviews your credit history when this task is performed to evaluate whether or not you can afford a mortgage based on your current debts, household obligations, and incoming earnings. This evaluation determines affordability and the largest mortgage value for which you qualify.

If you are ready to consider Condominiums For Sale in Burlington today, you should evaluate your own finances to determine a value that is most affordable for you. Your credit history is a great starting point which allows you to establish effective methods for paying off your debts. As you pay off these debts, your credit score will increase and place you in a position to afford a higher mortgage value at a lower interest rate overall. To review these options, you should Contact them today.

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