Undergraduate College Students Living with Pets Near the Campus

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Pet-Friendly Housing for Students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As a full-time student at Marquette University, you can find urban housing in the heart of Milwaukee, WI. Based on your projected monthly budget, you should explore apartments near the central campus of this private university. Some pet-friendly apartments in Marquette are readily available for enrolled students only. Therefore, other members of the public will not be allowed to rent units at your exclusive residential complex. When you fill out the official rental application, you must provide information on all pets that will live with you. Most pet-friendly apartments in Marquette charge fixed monthly fees on each dog in your unit. However, some dog breeds might be entirely banned from the managed property. If you have a service dog, you might be exempt from some of the required fees that are collected by the complex.

Living With Pets Near Marquette University

When you lease pet-friendly apartments in Marquette, consider the geographic location of the community. You should find an apartment building that’s connected to some of the sidewalks and trails in downtown Milwaukee. At the same time, avoid locations that have heavy vehicle traffic throughout the day and night. You should have easy access to any local dog parks, which are typically enclosed with high fences for extra security and convenience. Pet waste stations might be available at designated points in your urban neighborhood.

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