Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and Effectively in Dunwoody, GA

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Real Estate

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Selling your home can be quite a task, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. Read on for tips on how best to prepare houses for sale in Dunwoody, GA, as well as for key strategies that will make your former abode seem more attractive to potential buyers.

Top Tips For Selling Your Home:

  1. Make a Great Impression Through Photos

With many houses for sale in Dunwoody, GA, you will want to make sure that yours stands out among the rest. Hiring a professional photographer is ideal, but you could also do it yourself.

Make sure that both the exterior and the interior of the home is neat and tidy and looks presentable in pictures. Pick the angles of your house that cast it in the best light possible. You can even opt to take photos during certain seasons of the year and light conditions to add to its aesthetic appearance. Photographs will leave a lasting impression on those interested in your home, so be sure to make them count.

  1. Hide Your Mementos

Although the house is still technically yours, you will want those interested in your home to be able to visualize it as their own. In order to do this, you may want to consider neutralizing the home as much as possible by putting away your photos, memorabilia and other items that might distract interested buyers.

  1. Ensure That Your Home is Available For Viewing

Make sure that your schedule is open enough for potential buyers to come and view your house. The vast majority buyers will need to see the home in person before deciding on whether to buy, so you must make sure that your schedule allows for that time.

  1. Price Fairly

Many people interested in buying a home will be diligent in finding out the true worth of the home before making an offer. Therefore, you will need to make sure you’ve priced the it fairly, rather than marking up the price.

If you are interested in learning more tips for selling your home, contact us at Ryan Lewis and Associates.

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