Tips for Choosing an Auction Company in Woodward, Oklahoma

When selecting an Auction Company in Woodward Oklahoma, individuals need to understand that not all auctioneers are alike. Some people in this profession are excellent at selling properties but lack the skills needed for a successful household goods sale. When selecting a professional of this type, the individual requesting the sale needs to recognize this. Furthermore, he or she needs to know what to look for in an auctioneer. Following are some tips to help make this choice easier.


One thing a person needs to remember is the auctioneer is acting on their behalf at the sale. Does the auctioneer present a professional image or does he or she dress as if they are going on an outing to the beach with friends? Visitors to the auction do take notice of this, thus a person needs to ensure the auctioneer will present a good image. This helps to keep the focus on the sale as opposed to the auctioneer.


The majority of auctions are handled by very few companies. In fact, 20 percent of auction companies in the country today handle 80 percent of the auctions. Many people in this field only work a handful of auctions each year, which helps to explain why this is the case. A person needs someone with experience in these sales, and the more experienced the better.


How much exposure will the auction get? Here is another area where experience comes into play. An auction company must know where to advertise and when to draw the largest crowd to the event. The more bidders, the more likely the seller is to get the price he or she wants. Ask each potential auction company where they advertise, why those locations, and how often the ads appear.

Don’t simply choose an Auction Company in Woodward Oklahoma because a friend or family member recommended them. It is best to meet with several companies to find the one that is right for you. With these tips, doing so becomes easier. Make use of them today for a successful sale every time. Many people choose to work with Wiggins Auctioneers (, so be sure to put this company on your list of auction houses to interview. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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