The Process to Get Fast Cash For Your Home in Fountain

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Real Estate

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When consumers in the Fountain area need to raise a substantial amount of money, one option to consider is to sell real estate. Although this is a good way to raise money, it is not a quick process. Homes can take many weeks or months to sell. Once a buyer has been found, it can take from one to two months to complete the transaction. During this time, there are lots of ways for the transaction to fall though. If you need Fast cash for your home in Fountain, it is important to sell to an individual of company that is capable of completing the sale quickly.

It is helpful to understand why selling to a regular buyer is so slow. Most buyers need financing in order to purchase a home. The process to get a mortgage approved and funded can take anywhere from a few weeks up to two months. In the meantime, the lender could reject the buyer. If this happens, the owner will have to sell the property again. Because financing slows down the sales process, it is best to get Fast cash for your home in Fountain from buyers that can pay cash.

Although most buyers will insist on a mortgage contingency when purchasing a home, that is not the only contingency that buyers often insist on. Many buyers want to have an inspection contingency to make sure that there are no undisclosed problems with the home. Just like with the financing contingency, it is possible for the deal to fall through if there are problems found with the home. Many cash buyers won’t require inspections since that slows down the transaction. This is another reason why cash buyers are better when getting Fast cash for your home in Fountain.

When a cash buyer is chosen, there is no need to order an appraisal. There is no need to have a mortgage contingency as well. In many instances, there are no contingencies at all requested by the buyer. Because of the lack of contingencies, it is possible to complete a sale of a home within a few days when selling to a cash buyer. That is why many sellers will choose a buyer with a lower offer due to it being an all cash offer. If you want Fast cash for your home in Fountain, you will want to insist on a cash buyer.

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