The Definitive Guide to Investing in Farm Real Estate in Minnesota’s Brown County

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Real Estate

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A fantastic opportunity to increase one’s wealth and produce income in a booming industry is by investing in a farm real estate company in Brown County, Minnesota. Contrary to investing in more conventional financial instruments like residential real estate or the stock market, agricultural real estate offers a variety of benefits. Making the best buying option and profiting from it depends on your ability to navigate the complexity of farm estate property investing.

Brown County’s Real Estate Market

According to the US Census Bureau, Brown County, a rural region in central Minnesota, has a population of 25,893. The County is a prime location for farmers wishing to take advantage of its good soil and plentiful land availability since it is sandwiched between the forested hills of the Chippewa River and the rolling plains of the Minnesota High Plains. The typical sale price of agricultural property in Brown County has climbed by more than 20% over the last five years, and it is presently hovering at $7,100 per acre.

Advantages Of Buying Farm Estate Property

Property on a farm estate has several benefits for investors. Farm properties provide better returns than other investments and are mostly protected from daily stock market swings. The risk of the investment is significantly diminished for investors who purchase and lease the property because the rental revenue may often cover the majority of the venture’s expenses. These assets are simple to finance because to their low risk and consistent returns, which can result in a quick return on investment.

Land Sales in Brown County, Minnesota

In Brown County, land auctions are the best option for buying agricultural land. In the area, there are various land auctions that are periodically conducted and can provide good discounts for purchasers. According to a 2019 survey by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Brown County’s average auction selling price for agricultural property was around 10% less than the area’s median market price. This can present purchasers with a fantastic chance to acquire a deal while also diversifying their investment portfolio.

The Advantages of Working With LandProz Real Estate, LLC

Brown County, Minnesota and surrounding areas are served by LandProz Real Estate, LLC, a full-service agricultural real estate firm. Our knowledgeable advisors are prepared to walk you through each step of the process, from choosing the ideal farm estate for your needs to successful bidding and closing. We specialize in land auctions and agricultural investments. Additionally, our staff of legal counsel can help with sophisticated issues including insurance, taxes, and other regulatory concerns.

Regarding LandProz Real Estate, LLC:

We are dedicated to assisting customers in achieving success in the cutthroat agricultural real estate market and offer the resources and direction required to identify the ideal property and create lasting riches. Our representatives provide unmatched customer service and have a wealth of knowledge in agricultural real estate transactions. To find out more about purchasing farm property in Brown County, Minnesota, get in touch with us right away.

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