Shopping Tips for Upper East Side Condos for Sale

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Real Estate

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Shopping for upper east side condos for sale should be an exciting time, but unfortunately for many buyers it is a stressful time. These shopping tips can help you to enjoy the hunt and leave the stress at the door.

Tip # 1 Don’t Compromise on Certain Matters

You may have to compromise on some things you “want” in your new condo, but there are other things you should not compromise at all on. A good example of what you can compromise on is something that you could live without, like a stand-alone shoe closet or being on the second floor instead of the third floor. Those are simple things to have to adjust too but there are other things that a savvy broker will try to get you to compromise on, that you should not budge on. For example, you are searching for upper east side condos for sale, not downtown condos for sale. If you are set to live on the UES, don’t compromise!

Tip # 2 Know Your Value

One of the best ways to shop for a condo or any real estate is to know what your real estate dollars look like. Knowing what you can invest before you start your search will help to narrow down the field.

Tip # 3 Start with the Best

If you want to cut down on your search time, start with the best. A lot of people make the critical mistake of leaving the best for last. Unfortunately, the best for last approach can mean that by the time you get to the best, everyone else has gotten there before you. The real estate market in the city moves quick. Go see the best first, Manhattan House is a good option for your first showing.

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