Seller Obligations When Selling A House As-Is

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Real Estate

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Homeowners wishing to sell their houses often turn to real estate investors such as We Buy Houses in Murfreesboro. They may be downsizing, or they’re moving across the state for a new job and need to sell their house fast. Anyone who has bought or sold a house knows how long the process takes. Selling as-is is an attractive alternative.

What Is Selling As-Is?

Selling your house as-is means the house is being sold with all its problems and defects. No repairs will be made before the sale. Sellers will sign a paper stating that they understand what “as-is” means.

What It Isn’t

Selling as-is doesn’t mean the seller can just grab the check and skip town. The seller is required in many states to honestly disclose the problems and defects in the house. It is the seller’s obligation to truthfully represent a home’s defects to any and all buyers. Examples of such defects include:

>A leaky roof
>A shift or crack in the foundation
>Termite damage
>Plumbing or electrical problems


In some instances, sellers have inherited a home and have never lived in it. The seller is still obligated to have a home inspection performed and to disclose whatever problems were found. Sellers might be asked to sign a form stating what he knows or isn’t aware of regarding the property.

Financial Stress

Sellers wishing to avoid the lengthy selling process or seeing too few buyers might contact We Buy Houses in Murfreesboro investors. These home buyers will pay the seller for an as-is property without asking too many questions. They renovate the house and re-sell it. The only snag to this is that the seller won’t get top dollar in the sale of the house. Learn more about it .

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