Safely Buying Luxury Laguna Beach Homes for Sale

by | Feb 20, 2013 | General

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Looking for luxury digs with breathtaking views and access to high-quality Southern California beaches? Laguna Beach homes for sale fit the profile, but you’ll need access to an experienced realtor to get a great deal. Armed with the wrong professional, you may wind up taking a major hit or missing signs of a potentially serious problem. Keep these tips in mind when finding the right property for you.

Foreclosure Clusters

Most communities have a few homes these days that have been lost to the bank. It’s not rare to find foreclosures, even in America’s top neighborhoods. Laguna Beach is no exception. However, when there are clusters of foreclosures, it could be the sign of a problem. Certain home repairs are just too expensive to fix while also paying a mortgage. Some owners decide to turn properties back over to their banks, rather than fight to keep their financing up-to-date and their homes in running order.

Laguna Beach Homes for Sale with Structural Problems

When looking over any home that’s on the market, it’s important to check exterior and interior walls for cracks, as well as the foundation for signs of sinking. These kinds of structural issues are extremely expensive to fix. However, in Laguna Beach neighborhoods, there are other structural problems you may not run into everywhere. Being so close to the beach, sometimes right on the oceanfront, means homes face increased risks. It’s especially important to get a thorough inspection done by someone who is familiar with these types of issues before you close on a home.

Mildew and Mold

Being so close to the water also invites problems with mildew and mold. Through careful research, it is known that some species of mold can be seriously harmful. Getting rid of it isn’t easy, either. Often, it requires completely removing elements of a home and replacing them with new materials. Essentially, you could be looking at replacing entire rooms in a house. With the expense of additions rapidly growing, buying a home with mold issues could wind up sinking you financially before you move in.

Inadequate Security

A popular method of home security these days is the cable or Wi-Fi based system run through a traditional Internet provider. All the big companies are getting involved and offer what seems to be an incredible list of services for little money. Homeowners and realtors are getting in on the business by padding their listings with standard home management equipment and low-fee contracts.

The unfortunate truth is many of these systems only send notices to your cell phone or email and don’t actually contact the police, fire department or other service professionals. Their services are limited and you wind up paying more for a home based on supposed benefits, only to feel disappointed later on. Many Laguna Beach homes for sale do have adequate security protection, but it is important to find out before you seal the deal.

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