Reasons University Students Decide to Move to Off-Campus Apartments

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Frustrated with the frequent noise and lack of privacy in residence halls, many students move out as soon as the university policy allows them to. Most prefer student apartments in Tuscaloosa within easy walking or biking distance of campus. They want a room of their own and a place where they can cook healthy meals and study in peace.

Lack of Privacy

Sharing an apartment with a few roommates has other advantages as well. Most students living in residence halls share a bathroom with dozens of people. Some dorm bathrooms have individual stalls for showers, but many older buildings have communal showering areas. There likely is no custodial service there over the weekend.

Issues With Co-Ed Life

In addition, today’s residence halls typically house both men and women in the same building and sometimes in separate wings on the same floor. Men are generally allowed to stay overnight with female residents. This can make some female students uneasy about leaving the shower area wearing just a robe and with wet hair in a towel. It’s impossible to know who might be hanging out in the hallway.

Solving These Problems

Renting off-campus student apartments in Tuscaloosa solves these problems. Privacy increases significantly. Some apartments have a bathroom for each tenant. Even when roommates must share this room, the number of people using it is substantially lower. The roommates can agree about when guests are allowed to sleep over and how often.

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