NYC Real Estate Developers with a Global Perspective

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Real Estate

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NYC real estate developers with a strong track record can help you to grow your wealth. Real estate is still one of the best places to invest, especially when you are working with a firm that has a global reach. After the mid 2000’s financial crisis largely blamed on the real estate market, many people became gun shy when it came to putting their money into real estate development of any kind. While the US did face an economic hardship, many areas of the world continued to thrive and develop real estate successfully. NYC real estate developers with that global reach could not only stay afloat during the crisis but they were able to thrive.

Lessons Learned

For many investors, the lessons learned were invaluable. Choosing the right firm is critical in protecting your investment. Of course, the question than is “what makes one developer a lower risk choice than another?” The answer comes in three parts:

  1. Track record-while historic success does not necessarily predict future success, historic information can be a good judge of future performance. A developer with a positive history of choosing winning properties, is far more likely to continue to choose winning properties for development.
  2. Global perspective-New York City is not the only place in the world where development can be a lucrative activity. The right developer will have a balanced portfolio of properties that include properties located in areas around the globe. This diversified strategy ensures the same sort of reduction in risk that you find with other investment vehicles that are diversified.
  3. Stand out accomplishments-A quick review of the firm’s portfolio will reveal if the accomplishments are stand out.

While there is risk with any investment vehicle, real estate development is something that has always been viewed as a lower risk vehicle. Naftali Group is a firm that allows your wealth to grow.

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