Make the Shore Your Home!

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Real Estate

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You can make the shore your home by searching for homes for rent in Monmouth County NJ!  If you love Long Branch and you are tired of just stealing weekends away, then it is time to consider making your move! You can find great apartment homes for rent in Monmouth County NJ that are spacious, with amazing views and ideally located for the commuter!

Apartments Make Beach Living Affordable
A lot of people would love to make the move but they are hesitant because they believe that homes for rent in Monmouth County NJ area are just too far out of their price range. The reality is apartment living in Monmouth County can be extremely affordable. A quick look at the benefit of apartment home rentals can clarify why it can be affordable:

*Your home is your vacation spot so you do not have to travel to the beach on the weekends anymore (you save)
*Your utilities are included in your rental payment, no more electric bill to worry about every month
*You do not have any maintenance costs to worry about, that all falls on the complex staff
*You do not have to pay for parking
*Commuting distance is easy

The costs of taking a break every other weekend and heading to the shore from wherever you live now can start to stack up! If you live at the shore every day is like a vacation day! If you consider the costs of hotels, motels or even short term leasing for the summer you can quickly see that living full time at the shore is a lot less costly.

Your utilities are rolled into your rent payment! That alone saves you a ton of cash. Onsite parking can be another way to save by living at the shore.  You can afford to live at the Seaverge, take a closer look today!

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