Make Living With Pets in an Apartment Easier With These Tips

If you have a pet, you want to look for apartments that accept them instead of trying to work something out with a manager to try to get your pet approved. Once you find a complex that is pet-friendly, there are a few ways that you can make living in the home and with your neighbors a bit easier.

Love Where You Live

Look over the policies when you’re trying to find pet-friendly apartments near Norman, OK. You should pay attention to any fees that you need to pay as well as any breed or weight restrictions before moving into the unit. Try to find a complex that offers amenities for your pet, such as a walking trail or a playground specifically designed for dogs. This can make it easier to take your pet outside during the day and possibly meet other people and their animals as well.


One of the ways to protect the flooring in your home and to keep your furniture clean is to try to manage shedding as much as possible. You want to brush once a day or at least every other day in order to remove as much loose hair as you can while inside. When you live in pet-friendly apartments near Norman, OK, you might need to shampoo your carpets on occasion, especially before you move if you plan to get your deposit back as you want to leave the unit clean. This can also decrease the amount of hair that flows through your vents and that could possibly reach other apartments.

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