How to Store a Bike in a Student Apartment Without Losing Space

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Biking to school can have beneficial effects on your health and well-being. Although your bike makes it easier to navigate the city, you may struggle to get it inside your student apartment. Thankfully, there are ways to make your bike fit. Keep reading to learn more.

Be Considerate

With student housing in Baton Rouge Louisiana, you can choose among a two, three, or four-bedroom floor plan. You get matched with roommates that best match your personality and interests. These companions would not want to trip over your bike every time they come into the apartment. To keep them safe and calm, you can ask permission to take up space in a hallway. You could also hide your bike behind the sofa or in your bedroom closet.

Be Up-Front

Student housing in Baton Rouge Louisiana comes expertly decorated to have a comfortable, refined appearance. Instead of hiding your bike, you can make it a part of your decor. By using a free-standing bike rack or bike column, you will not need to make attachments to the wall. Instead, you can create visual interest by placing it along the wall in your common area, patio, or bedroom. This gives you a storage solution while also showcasing your interests.

Student housing in Baton Rouge Louisiana has a roomy interior that can easily accommodate your bicycle. By using these ideas, you can add a bike to your apartment without sacrificing its attractive appearance. View apartment layouts for Alight Baton Rouge at

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