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by | Apr 23, 2013 | Real Estate

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The economy is in a state of disaster so with that said it is a time when home prices are down and the homes that are in foreclosure are up. The amount of homes that in foreclosure is the highest that it has ever been. There are many buyers out there that see the advantage to buying at this time. The inventory on these properties are huge and there is also the benefit that the price of the home is negotiable. The current population of Foreclosure Naples FL home buyers includes those of first time buyers, retirees, and investors because a foreclosure home is considered a good investment for them.

A Foreclosure Naples Fl is defined as a property that the bank owns. Most of the time when placed for sale they will go for a price lower than the value. The bank loses money on the property because it it sitting empty and the longer it takes to sale it the more is lost. With the increase in inventory the banks have slowed down on the foreclosure process some. It has also gave the buyer the opportunity to work out a better deal on the purchase price.

A short sale will take longer to close and is more complicated than a foreclosure. A foreclosure contract will usually take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to close the deal. When you buy a foreclosed home they are already owned by the bank so the buyer will only be working with the bank. This is the main reason that buying a foreclosed home over a short sale one has an easier process.

Even though the Foreclosures in Naples FL process is less complicated it still should be handled by a realtor that has experience. This will help the buyer not only save money but time. The realtor can tell you if the priced wanted is a good deal or not. He or she study the trends of the market in different areas and will be able to tell the buyer if there is room for negotiation. There is also the service of multiple listings and can tell the buyer if there is a property for sale in there desired area.

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