Different Apartment Types: A Short Guide

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Real Estate

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Whether you’re flying solo, with your girlfriend or best buddy, or raising a small family, there’s a type of apartment for everyone. Learning to guage what type of apartment you’re looking for will potentially go a long way towards saving you a lot of money that otherwise would’ve been wasted on needless damage control. But how do you determine which apartment is right for you? Well on good way is to know what the most common types of apartments are out there. If you are looking for apartments in downtown San Diego, here are the most common apartments on the market.

#1. Studio

Your average studio type apartment has an open floor plan, which means that there’s a full bathroom, but it’s not separate. These apartments can be square shaped, but they also come in L or U-shapes. The latter of these makes curtaining off areas to your liking significantly easier. The kitchen will either be part of the floor plan or part of its own nook.

The alternative style to the studio design is the alcove studio. Just like its more traditional counterpart, it has an open floor plan, however, there’s a nook for a bed instead of what the normal type offers. The other main difference is that these are much easier to curtain off for privacy than even the U-shaped variant of its traditional counterpart.

#2. Loft

A loft styled apartment is made up of one large room, high ceilings, and large windows. There’s generally a lofted part (hence the name) that’s designed to be a work-and-sleep area (just large enough for a ben accessible via stairs or ladder, with maybe enough room for a desk). The rest of the apartment is an open space.

#3. Junior one-bedroom

A junior one-bedroom can best be described as a studio with more features. For one, there’s an actual bedroom (though no door to the bedroom), and there’s even an eat-in kitchen added onto the kitchen already there.

#4. One-bedroom

This is the standard version of the junior one-bedroom, and it actually has a door to the bedroom, that’s separate from the living space. The layout of the rooms varies from apartment to apartment. Sometimes the dining room and the kitchen are one room, sometimes it’ll be the dining and living room etc. What rooms are combined, and which are not will not be a hard task to accomplish, you should be able to tell the second you’re in the door. For more information visit Pacific Gate By Bosa.

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